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Media Statement The Kilimani Jana Photo-Exhibition 17 November 2012

Media Statement The Kilimani Jana Photo-Exhibition

As Kenya prepares to celebrate 50 years of independence in 2013, over ten businesses, non-governmental and religious organizations and prominent individuals have come together to reflect on the history of Kilimani and explore its future as a community of choice in Nairobi.

The first major activity, a three part photo-exhibition, was launched this Saturday 17th November at Yaya Centre. The exhibition includes historic photos and stories on the origins and history of Kilimani. Two weeks later, several photographs of Kilimani today (Kilimani leo) will be displayed by professional photographers and residents of Kilimani.

Speaking at the launch of the photo-exhibition this morning, Irungu Houghton noted “Kilimani jana is a unique way of celebrating the history behind the 45,000 people that live, work and do business in Kilimani. As Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence next year, Kilimani will be recognized as one of Kenya’s first racially desegregated communities. It is this spirit of inclusion and non-discrimination for all classes, gender and nationalities that we must promote today.” Interviews and photos of notable Kilimanian residents past and present included Marsden Madoka and Muthoni Likimani are captured in the exhibition alongside key facts.

Also at the launch of the photo-exhibition, Ted Kwaka of the Main Event Company called on residents in Kilimani to come out and register as voters. He says, “We have a responsibility to act for our neighbours and the environment we live and work. That is the difference between living in a community and a geographical area called Kilimani. Monday morning we must all get out and register to vote. 100% registered voters is what we seek, nothing less.”

This is the first attempt to celebrate community in this way by a major shopping mall in Nairobi. Brought together under the umbrella of the Kilimani Project, these organizations will also host the very first Kilimani Festival on December 15th. This will be a festival of music, art, food, conversations and games. Project Sponsors include: Dennis Pritt Residential Association, PAWA254, Willart Productions, Yaya Centre, Kuona Trust, Robyn T. Emerson, Kenya Property Developers Association, Nadia Mussani, Kilimani Primary School, Irungu Houghton, Kwani Trust, Ted Kwaka and The Main Event Company, Kiko Romeo, Lorna Irungu, Nairobi Baptist Church, Buddha Blaze, Black Butterfly, Jerry Okungu, Protus Nyamweya, Dr. Kahare Miano, Ric Francis

17th November 2012 at Yaya Centre, Main Entrance

For more information or interviews contact; Cleo Maina – 0720 311 893 / 0733 192 195, Email:


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