The Book 254

Kenya is one of 13 countries that have passed new constitutions since 2010. This book captures the experience of building a new country free from past inequalities, discrimination and human rights violations.


This is a biography of a country under transition. It offers global insights on how we can build active citizenship, a responsive state, and constitutionalism. It draws from online and face to face conversations with constitutional activists as well as research.

The constitutional project will include a 100-150 page book and a set of 4-minute uploaded videos and podcasts. The book informs a deeper understanding of civic activism within an emerging Africa. It's my hope that readers within the civic, public, and the private sectors will act on these insights and expand the space for public voice and participation.

With this book, I bring subject expertise, authority, and visibility from the last 25 years of comparative practical experience. Having been born and living in Kenya, I am an internationally recognized and sought after human rights analyst, committed activist, and an authority on Kenyan and African political, social, and economic affairs. I am grateful to the Society for International Development, the Embassy of Sweden, and the Social Change Initiative Fellowship.

The book will be titled #TheBook254

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