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Media events planned for the July 2012 AU Summit


11th July – “Play for the Union” press conference

Organisers: State of the Union Coalition

The State of the Union (SOTU) is a ten-country civil society coalition working with over 24,000 citizens to hold AU governments to account and deliver on their commitments. SOTU just held a football match in Malawi between citizens and AU ambassadors. At that match, 12,000 people called for African Governments to ratify key AU standards and instruments. Patrick Mboma (African Football Legend and SOTU Ambassador) and Jamillah Mwanjisi (SOTU Coordinator) will speak at the press conference. They will unveil continental plans to name and shame Governments ahead of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the OAU/AU.

Where: African Union Commission                                        When: 3:30pm

11th July – Launch of the PRC Sub Committees Handbook

Organisers: AUC and Oxfam

Ten years after the AU was founded in Durban, South Africa on July 9, 2002, most citizens and some members of the press are not aware of the existence of the mandate and roles of the sub-committees of the Permanent Representatives Committee. Published by the AU Commission with support from Oxfam, the Handbook is the first publication that spells out their role and how citizens can engage them

Where: African Union                                                  When: TBC

14th July – What is The Future We Want for Africa?

Organisers: FEMNET, ACORD, UN Millennium Campaign, Oxfam

African governments have less than three years to give the MDG goals the boost they need and one year to shape what happens after the MDG deadline of 2015. It’s crucial that the global agenda takes into account African voices and experiences, if the continent is to truly create the “Africa We Want.” This one day civil society dialogue will discuss African involvement in the issues that affect our continent. Between11.00-11.30, key UN and civil society experts will address a press briefing on the progress so far and what plans there are for creating a new global development framework. Among the speakers are the newly appointed Amina Mohamed, UN Special Advisor for post 2015 MDG planning.

Where: Desalegn Hotel, EU Road                                          When: 10.45am

14th July – Book Launch – The AU Compendium

Organisers: Oxfam

To many citizens the AU is a complex and distant body that is difficult to engage with. On the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the AU, Oxfam is launching the most comprehensive document on the AU, explaining its key structures and organs, and existing opportunities for citizens and civil society to engage with it.

Where: Radisson Blu Hotel – Addis Ababa                            When: 7:00pm

17th July – Civil society press release on the outcome of the AU Summit

Organisations across Africa deliver their verdict on the Summit. Oxfam and our civil society partners from across Africa have a wide range of experts and analysts attending the Summit and able to speak on the outcomes of the Summits including rights of African women; MDGs and development; the humanitarian crises in Somalia, Sahel and South Sudan among others

For more information on the events, or to arrange interviews or briefings, please contact:

In Addis: Elizabeth Equbay, +251 911435673

In Nairobi: Alun McDonald, +254 736666663

In Dakar: Charles Bambara,, +251 912963910 / +221 776394178


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